getting started

This site offers a javascript implementation of gene-sets enrichments analysis ( MWW-GST) based on the the Mann-Whitney test.

Two files are necessary to run the analysis: 1) a gene profile, and 2) a collection of gene-sets. The gene-profile is a .txt file with a list of gene-symbols tab delimited with the corresponding intensity numeric value (eg. gene expression level; see this file, for example). The collection of gene-sets can be provided in .gmt format  (Gene Matrix Transposed file format), see this from Ma'ayan Laboratory, for example. Others gene-sets collections in .gmt format can be obtained from Molecular Signatures Database and Enricher.

Two file examples are provided here to tun the analysis: the gene profile and the collection of the gene-sets.
Once the files has been uploaded the analysis can be started with the RUN button. Parameters, such as the alternative hypothesis and p-value and $logit2NES$ thresholds, can be set in the relative boxes. After few seconds results are shown below and can be retrieved also in .csv, .tsv, or .html file formats.

A TITLE box allows you to integrate a caption in the displayed table, and in the .html file.